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                                                                                Our Commitments
  To improve quality management, pursue the excellence of our products quality, we make our following commitments on th e principle of ‘Customer is God':
  1 . Establish, maintenance and execute product quality assurance system according to ISO9001 quality management   and assurance standard, and offer our customer reliable and quality products;
  2 . Within the period of ‘Three Warrantees (Warrantee of repair, replacement, or compensation for unsatisfied products.)', we will give our response within 12 hours and send service man within 24 hours upon receipt of claim from our clients. Our service man will not leave until all problems are cleared. If the machine has to be sent back to factory for repair,   we      guarantee that the delivery will be made within the stipulated time.
  3 . For motors, fans with failure due to manufacturing problem, the Three Warrantees will be valid within one year of operation, or 2 years starting from dispatch date, whichever is earlier. For machines expired the Warrantee date, or with failure other than manufacturing failure, we will offer a preferential price for spare parts, service and maintenance.
  4 . We can offer technical training as per customer requirements.
  5 . The above mentioned commitment has been enforced since Dec. 1 st , 1996.
                                                            All Data Copyright &2011 Nanyang Explosion Protection Group Co.,Ltd
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